Hi, Let me introduce myself…

I’d like to thank you for giving the digital trail a chance to be your companion and for trusting in it your valuable time. This work and effort have been done simply for all of you. Not as rock stated code but as guidance to achieve an idea with realistic and working methods. This guide is based on my professional knowledge of the industry, mixed up with personal tips and a touch of humanity and spirit.

Who is Anna Maria Świątecka?

I am a Full-stack Digital Marketer, Blogger, Digital Nomad, Traveller, Thinker, and Caretaker of my two wonderful-weird cats Cheta and Blue <3. Which I rescued from a shelter in Colombia and brought with me to Europe.

Cheta & Blue

Short story of my life

As you can probably tell from my “weird” last name.

I am 100% polish. I was born in a beautiful city called Wrocław, just by the Oder River in western Poland.

When I was a year old, my family moved to a town called Hel located in northern Poland on the top of the Hel Peninsula where I spent my whole childhood.

Lasttly, we moved to a town nearby Hel, named Puck where my familly lives until nowdays.


Since I remember I was truly fascinated by traveling. The possibility of discovering new places, meeting people from all over the world, and be able to learn about their cultures made me feel like I was on the right track.

The first time that I moved abroad, was to take part in an Erasmus Exchange program. I had the chance to study in Horsens ( east coast of Jutland region of Denmark) at Via University.

This experience was the beginning of my travel journey. Since then I have been constantly traveling. I had a chance to live and work in 5 different countries over 2 continents, and had the chance to visit more than 47 countries! And I don’t plan to stop just yet! There are still many adventures and locations I would love to feel and see still pending on my ” to-do list”.

Currently, and for two amazing years, I’ve been residing with my husband and our two beautiful cats in Malaga, Spain.


I’m interested in too many things, but besides travel, my other passions are music and literature.

I sing, play the ukulele, and lately trying to make my own music ( that one day maybe will see the light of day) in my spare time.

My favorite literary genres are detective novels, criminal fiction, crime stories, and thrillers. However, I have developed lately a great passion for podcasts and audiobooks.

Like many of us, we all have one addiction at least. Mine is food! I simply love to eat <3. I love to discover new tastes, new flavors, and textures of any kind of food, and I am always excited when I find some new recipes for delicious dishes.

Dreams and life expectations

Mostly I seek to live slowly, savor life, watch its nuances, laugh during the ride, and end peacefully with little regrets.

Why I started “The Digital Trail” poject?

What I do daily comes from mere passion and determination to do a little more. The mixture of self-fulfillment, activeness, learning, and health.
I have a specific view of the surrounding reality and I like to say it as it is. I am passionate about marketing, development, and business plans.

Grabbing ideas from scratch, and assessing its market environment in the search of blue oceans (potential markets). I like to motivate people and, in the process, learn and grow from each possible individual. In this walkthrough, you will find accurate digital marketing business strategies, gathered from real-life scenarios, mixed up with third parties experiences. I seek with The Digital Trail to creatively include personal and shared experience onto a great compiled.

I have spent several years within the Digital Marketing Industry, working for a worldwide known digital company. My experience has taught all different surrounds comprehending this discipline; SEO, email marketing, CRO, SEM, cross-functional product alignment coordination, sales, and business development among others. As a marketing major, I possess a special determination for its digital aspect and how to grow e-business.

I just love the geographic independence we can get from internet business and the ability to reach international markets no matter the company size. I believe that the internet and the digital world gives anyone the disposal of tools like never before. But it also brings challenges like never before. I am especially fascinated by small, micro solo businesses. I also love to work with startups and small businesses. they are run from the heart and it’s usually constituted of a creative team.

I fascinated by entrepreneurship and digital marketing, and I seek for anyone to become an expert and make some money. It doesn’t matter the type of business you run, almost everyone nowadays (Personal or company brand) will require digital marketing and online presence strategies. This is why the Digital Trails mission is to show everyone out there, no matter the size or number of entrepreneurs, that is possible to analyze, assess, plan and execute a business idea to reach a potential market and constantly grow.

Using my professional background and the years I have spent within the industry I am seeking ( like probably many of you out there) to establish a solid and constant income base, that allows a decent retirement by the age of 50 ( because why not).

I believe that is possible to create sources of income regardless of the place you are physically located. If you are searching for an answer to how this is possible, I encourage you to follow this blog where we can learn together.

You will find personal and professional guidance with a human realistic approach, taking into account the current day’s market and exponential growth of online business with minimum settlement requirements.

Here you will find an honest but assertive guide of my successes, thoughts, and failures on such a journey.

Nice to meet you!

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Anna Maria Świątecka

Anna Maria Świątecka

My mission is to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs how to make money online by building location Independent Businesses and live their lives to the fullest.
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