How to find your blog niche

Although there is a wide variety of different genres of blogs, Most of them can be fitted within two main categories: wide-topic (General) blogs and niche blogs

It is important to take into account good seo practices, readership and monetization, which a multi-topic blog fails to do. Even Though there are several blogs out there like PopSugar; which surely does not have a lack of visits and readers, it is strongly recommended to opt out for niche blogs instead if you are a small, less established blogger that needs to benefit from seo techniques and potential keywords.

As, you will see above, there is a good number of benefits a niche blog can benefits from:

Keeps you and the blog on track

Researching, writing, optimizing and many other activities of a blogger can be tough. You will need to dedicate a great amount of time and ingenuity to produce relevant and valuable content on a regular basis if you want to see any traffic coming to your page. More than often you can find yourself dried out and out of any creative thought. 

A nice focus blog provides a lot more resourceful tools. It provides an all different insight and ease of control. You will be able to take a look at your content and see which posts are popular and rewrite, repurpose or revive them with a fresh new angle. As well it will narrow the path allowing you to easily focus and come up with headlines and blog topics that it will be with a wide-topic purpose blog

A niche blog makes you detail oriented and skillful

Since most of the time, a blogger will pick a niche market that he knows or is greatly interested in, writing about it should be fairly easier. 

Lot of the content you will write about will probably be original or well investigated based on your experience and interest. 

Is it’s strongly recommended to create a blog for a niche you have had experienced with, of if any, a blog that you have a great interest in; and through blogging you will become an expert there

When a blogger puts his effort and enjoyment towards his work and page, it will inescapably attract people to learn great tips, tricks, knowledge and resources from you

Niche markets brings lasting and relevant audience

Nowadays the internet is full of fake, irrelevant or filled in content. Therefore producing quality writing is the solid cement base all blogs need. 

Nonetheless the job does not stop at good quality and well researched topics. People  appreciate  content and blogs that meet their needs, but they will crave for a genuine brand stamped content. This is pretty much  the base secret ingredient for a great soup. 

Provide researched, insightful and relatable content to which people connect. Place your stamp, attitude and tone to it. Make readers connect to what you have to say and write it in simpler but concise words. Research for verbs and synonyms that empowers your speech and place a full picture. Specially for highly focused niches.

They’ll come to know your work, learn from your experiences and guide themselves over your personal take on things. This creates a greater chance of retaining readers and long lasting followers

A niche helps monetize your blog

It is imperative that any blog you decide to write about is done with pation, energy and determination. But it is equally important to take care of a few initial steps as this might bring you monetary benefits later on which will boost your confidence and can generate a side income.

Captive niche audiences will boost the chances to generate options of income 

There are several steps to take while searching for a blog niche that you should consider to land a “profitable niche”, which  is the aim to successfully monetize your blog. Even Though knowledge and pation are fundamental towards the success, monetization can be a crucial step to keep you motivated and online on the long run

Spend as much time needed and a great amount of your effort to effectively find a good niche. This will save you several future headaches and place you in a higher success path than many overlooked blogs. Trying to balance both sides of the equation can be your most secure choice to begin with.

Picking a niche with too much competition, will only lead to a mayor beat down by high authority websites. Picking the other side of the scale, with a smaller niche and no demand, will barely make an impact and relevance. 

It might not seem easy to find a niche that’s in the middle and a niche that can also be monetized easily, but that is why you should be picking a topic you are aware of with great interest. There is nothing more to do than follow a great research of each aspect of the niche, cons and pros, demographics, geographic, economical  and cultural matters and aspects of such niche (If applies)  and its consumers behaviours. 

Below we will show you some practical tips to find a profitable and suitable niche that can generate traffic and potentially turn into a successful income. 

1. Pick a topic that drives you.

We can’t stretch this enough, but as all successful things, there has to be a passion and motivation behind all ideas. Although the initial excitement of starting a blog can be ecstatic; buying domains, setting up the website, twitching  the design and writing your first article, most people give up after a couple of months as they often lose interest in it. If there is not motivation and eagerness to learn for what you are sharing, the excitement will quickly fade and your blog will be doomed to fail. 

The blog can be about anything, for as long as it peaks your interest and curiosity to dig deeper on it and learn. Find solutions and hacks around it and give personal insights and tips to people. Words can create special connections between writer and readers as long as the bridge is made of insightful and useful information that paints a line on the horizon. Users seek guidance and your blog shall be the Northern Star.

To make sure you are choosing a proper topic follow a simple exercise. Take a pen and paper. Write down 10 blog post ideas that pop up first in your mind. This exercise should help ensure that you are passionate about the topic you picked.    

2. Do proper and constant market research.

For each topic that you decide to try (and pick your interest) perform a small market research to make sure that there’s a profitable and big enough market for  it. 

Let’s assume you love skydiving, as is one of your favorites hobbies or you are trying to learn how to do it. Now, you want to see if this topic has a fair share of audience and see how much competition has around. 

Once you dig around, you will be able to find information to determine the growth of decadence of a topic, relevance, future and potential users over the past months or years. Try to avoid picking temporary topics that will have no relevance in the upcoming months or year.

3. Pick a small niche.

Checking the type of competition you have for your topics, by simply typing this on search google bar, will save you tons of future stress and problems, or even blog failure.

Take a look at how many search results appear for such topics.

Skydiving is a really broad term to target, and there is way to many websites competing already for it. To avoid having to compete with big authority websites, you should pick a smaller niche within your topic or switch it (“Lifestyles and secrets of professional skydivers”)

4. Make sure it’s profitable.

If you aim or would like to make some bucks on the side from your blog, then you need to make sure the niches potential profits are enough to monetize your blog and help you earn an income.

There is no easy way to track down profitable niches, but with enough research, it is possible to determine some aspects of it. Check if any brands or businesses are advertising for such keywords. If companies or people are spending time, money and effort on advertising products or services revolving around such keywords and niche, then you’ve picked the right topic.

Once you are confident enough to opt for a niche for your blog (Remember to be precise but not perfect), start writing awesome personally stamped content. It does not need to be perfect but remember to appeal to your users crave for a “Northern Light” (Specially at the beginning). This, alongside consistency, will inescapably draw users attention towards what you have to share and offer. It creates, from the start, a lengthy user-blog bond. 

Keep a schedule to help you organize, optimize and apply consistency to your blog and work. Blogging is a full time job for many, and requires professionalism and many various skills. Therefore give the respect and care it deserves as if it was your personal brand and business. It may take  a while before you can see any appealen number of  visitors or buy your affiliate products. It takes some time for the user to feel more secure and trustfull, but with patient and constancy, you will see the harvest of your smart work