Best Data Visualization tools

Big Data has changed the rules of the digital world. Our behavior and activities are constantly being carefully studied. It records in detail where we are going, what we prefer to do and how much time we spend doing our favorite activities. Many of us remain unaware of its importance and relevance to secure profits and growth.

Data Science professionals are in charge of managing those tools, techniques, and technologies that help a company manage data and use it for the good. Having good information, with reliable data is only the first step to achieve eye-catching stories. Big technological giants in the sector such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix are constantly deep-monitoring their data and developing efficient business strategies and commercial formulas based on data trends and market expectations. 

The best, most efficient, and intuitive method nowadays to assertively analyze and use the data is to represent such information visually and graphically. This can be achieved through some of the best data visualization tools in the market. Most of them operate similarly, aiming for simple usability to attract non-technical and technical users to expand their business strategies and assertively take appropriate actions. 

What is data visualization?

In recent years, the change that is being generated in society and, above all, in companies with data analysis is impressive. We are experiencing a boom in people dedicated to analysis, consulting and data management.

Data visualization is a graphical representation of the information provided by data (maps and graphs) and offers an accessible way to detect and understand trends and patterns, helping companies make data-driven decisions to provide that value with impact.

Data visualization presents information in graphical patterns that can help people to obtain assertive statistics and data. A data visualization software uses visual elements such as graphs and tables to summarize all data in a readable way. There are many data visualization tools on the market. 

Which is the best data visualization software

Here we will present you with a list of the 30 best data visualization tools in 2021, including their key aspects, technical knowledge, and public target, that will help you decide which one would suit your needs the best.

Please bear in mind that even though you don’t need to be a data scientist professional to be able to take advantage of these wonderful and useful tools. Some of them might require a higher technological skill level, which may not fit everyone. 

At the Digital Trail, we have taken the liberty to divide the following list into two main categories and narrow your choices to fit your knowledge, budget, and skills.

Non-technical Data Visualization Software

Do not require programming experience.

  • RAWGraphs (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • ChartBlocks (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics) start 16,50 euro per month
  • Tableau Public (Free – Tables and graphics)
  • Gephi (Free Open-Source – Network Graph)
  • Microsoft Power BI (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Finereport (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Datawraper (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Visme (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Infogram (Free/Plans – Infographics)
  • Quickview(Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • InstaAtlas (Free Trial/ Plans – Maps)
  • Tableau Desktop (Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • (Plan – Infographics)
  • Grow (Plans Bussines Only – Tables and graphics)

Technical Data Visualization Software

Intended for professionals with deeper programming knowledge and experience.

  • Echarts (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • D3.js (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • for Python/Javascript(Free – Tables and graphics)
  • Charts.js (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • Google Charts (Free – Tables and graphics)
  • Ember Charts (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • NVD3 f(Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • Dygraphs (Free Open-Source – Financial graphics)
  • HubSpot (Free Open-Source – CRM/Tables and graphics)
  • Chartist.js(Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)
  • Leaflet (Free Open Source – Maps)
  • OpenLayers (Free Open Source – Maps)
  • Kartographs (Free – Maps)
  • CARTO (Carto DB) (Free Open Source – Maps)
  • Signa (Free – Network Graph)
  • HighCharts (Free noncommercial/Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Fusion Charts (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Whatagraph (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)
  • Looker (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)

Non-Technical tools

Free Data Visualisation Tools


Type: Free Open-Source /Tables and graphics


RAWGraphs is an open-source web tool and data visualization software aiming to provide a missing link between spreadsheet applications (eg. Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers) and vector graphics editors (eg. Adobe Illustrator and Sketch). You can simply insert your data into RAWGraphs, customize its graphics, and export the result as vector (SVG) or raster (PNG) images. Furthermore, the data uploaded in RAW will be processed only by the web browser, which guarantees high-security standards.

The platform is capable of achieving outstanding views with an intuitive and easy way to export to various graphic editors such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and Inkscape.

Tableau Public

Type: Tables and graphics

Without a doubt, Tableau is one of the best tools on the market, both for its ease of use and its functionality.

It is important to differentiate Tableau Posses two types of platforms. Public (Free) and Desktop (Paid). In this guide, you will find both of them.

The paid version can be a little expensive but packed with tons of useful and really insightful features. Nonetheless, we focus on the free for now.

Tableau Public is an outstanding data visualization software, capable of professional results. As a downside for its zero-cost, the platform does not allow the upload or handling of really big data. Nonetheless, it will provide great initial insight and a wider picture to take assertive project decisions. If you feel confident with the potential power of this, then by all means direct yourself to the private version, which will quadruple the possibilities.


Type: Network Graph

Gephi is the leading open-source browsing and data visualization software for all types of graphics and networks. Gephi processes relational data, For example, on social media such as Twitter, who follows whom.

Gephi data visualization software is very popular among those who feed constantly from social media, W can also find JavaScript graphics libraries for network visualization.

Freemium Data Visualisation Tools


Type: Tables and graphics

ChartBlocks is a simple online charting tool, and its wizard data import can guide you step by step to show you how to import any data or design charts. Unlike RAWGraphs, you can easily share your graphics. You can also export graphics as editable vector graphics or embed graphics on websites with a free personal account. Professional accounts and elite accounts are also offered.

The portal comes packed with attractive visualizations and assertive data calculations. This data visualization software will generate eye-popping graphics to insert them on other web pages and social networks.

Some data visualization tools, such as ChartBlocks, offers different paid plans for individuals, small teams, and organizations. These tools have more features and technical support than the free ones.

Microsoft Power BI

(Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)

Power BI is a set of business analyses and data visualization tools developed by Microsoft and therefore well integrated with Microsoft Office. Users can import any data, such as files, folders, and databases, and check their data anywhere using its software. It allows as well to integrate data directly into reports. Power BI is free for individual users and only charges 9.90 USD a month when you decide to share and scale. Anyone on the team can analyze data and make decisions at any time.


(Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)

FineReport is a dashboard and reporting software with impressive visualization effects that seek to compete among other well-known data visualization tools. Finereport is a FREE data visualization software aimed at any individual. However, several features will require a paid plan.

It provides stunning self-developed HTML5 graphics that can be displayed seamlessly on any website, with cool 3D and dynamic effects. The display adapts to any screen size, from televisions and large screens to mobile devices. Easy drag and drop operations will help you to achieve any desired effect.


(Free Open-Source/Plans – Tables and graphics)

Datawrapper is an open-source platform for data visualization that helps its users to generate simple, accurate, and embeddable charts quickly. It was designed to be an easy-to-use data visualization software for creating fully responsive charts or maps for content creators. Datawrapper allows you to make rich graphics to attract readers’ attention and better illustrate the content. Datawrapper was created by a team of interdisciplinary members including journalists, bloggers, and content creators. It offers a free service for anyone to use as well as personalized payment options and no coding knowledge required

Datawrapper’s biggest clients include brands like The Times, Fortune, Mother Jones, Bloomberg, Twitter, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Vox, BuzzFeed, and The Wall Street Journal making it one of the best and well know among other data visualization tools.

Visme (Free/Plans – Tables and graphics)

Visme provides a wealth of photos, icons, templates, and fonts for users to make presentations, charts, tables, and reports. Social media charts (eg Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) can be created in 3 steps with dynamic images and real-time data. Visme allows you to view and present your content anytime from anywhere on any device. Additionally, Visme offers educational discounts and non-profit discounts.

Infogram (Free/Plans – Infographics)

Infogram allows you to create infographics, charts, and maps with many free templates, and you can download or embed them on your website. Infogram full features can be accessed easily from any web browser. The software is widely popular and powerful and its charts, reports, and infographics have been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. Among other data visualization tools, like Finereport, Inforgram offers a FREE basic plan for anyone to use. As well it offers professional plans, business plans, and more.

Qlickview (Free/Plans – Infographics)

QlikView is a business intelligence tool primarily focused on business users and organizations. However, it delivers as well an entrepreneur/individual section so anyone can enjoy its powerful features. Users can easily analyze their data and use QlikView’s reporting and analysis capabilities to support any decision-making. It is as simple as typing the keywords you want to search for within the dataset, and QlikView can help you find unexpected information and data associations.

InstantAtlas (Free Trial/ Plans – Maps)

InstantAtlas seeks to deliver visual reports with professional support services. It enables information analysts and researchers to create interactive dynamic map reports that combine statistical and mapping data to optimize data visualization.

Tableau commercial (Plans – Tables and graphics)

Tableau is a famous and widely used tool around the world. Both it’s Public and Desktop version has enabled people to transform data into effective visualizations. In this part, we will focus on Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Desktop is a very powerful, secure, and flexible analytics platform. It supports intuitive drag and drops features to easily insert data into the software. You can also view reports generated through the desktop, browser, mobile device, or embedded in any application. This data visualization software supports the creation of intuitive and understandable interactive charts, graphs, and maps among its core features.

The service comes pack with great and assertive modes of use depending on our preference. The platform also allows you to use is software directly on your desktop or remote connection throughout its cloud service. Unfortunately, its cloud operation system does not allow your deep levels of customization.

Regardless of whether you possess a micro, small, or large business, this data visualization software will provide in-depth analysis. Its system is extremely easy to use and intuitive for any non-technical person. Among other data visualization tools, Tableau is without a doubt one of the most well know, intuitive, straightforward, and fast software there is. Its price ranges can vary from 12 to 70 USD per user per month. (Plans – Infographic) is an exceptional visual content service, with strong roots and features to compete among powerful data visualization tools, where you can take advantage of its excellent visualizations features for Big Data. Its attractive proposition has been used by giant brands such as VISA, Nike, and even National Geographic.

With, you can easily create infographics, videos, reports, and e-books for your marketing campaigns. There are a lot of inspiring and useful infographics uploaded by users for anyone to analyze. One of its greater features allows you to auto-generate your own social media infographics chart. This data visualization software is very popular among active social media users.

It has a fairly simple online system to develop projects in teams. We can develop goal tracking strategies thanks to email alerts, which add a really useful and functional utility.

Grow – (Plans Only Company – Tables and graphics)

Grow is a business intelligence tool for business users only. With Grow, all members of the company can track meaningful data and create their own dedicated dashboards to make informed decisions, supporting over 150 integrations. Grow claims being 8 times faster than their competitors with a continuous process, and more than 300 pre-built reports and real-time data updates.

This data visualization software is fully capable of spreading data from a variety of local and third-party sources and also quickly transforming it into operational intelligence for smarter decision making.


Developers integrate data and turn this data into beautiful and complicated charts and graphs using chart libraries. There are hundreds of graphics libraries available online, and most of them are implemented in JavaScript to ensure a dynamic display (From web to mobile).

Echarts (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

ECharts, originally abbreviated to “Enterprise Charts”, is a FREE open-source visualization library implemented in JavaScript. It comes packed with many innovative features, such as drag-and-drop recalculation of data, data view and domain value roaming greatly enhances the best user experience with the ability to extract and integrate data.

D3.js (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

D3.js is another FREE open-source data visualization software, built within a JavaScript library for manipulating data-driven documents using HTML, CSS, and SVG. It is referred to as the leading JavaScript display framework. Getting started learning D3.js can be tricky, but once you manage your way around this tool, you will have access to really powerful features. Remember that D3.js cannot display graphics in lower versions of the IE browser. – Python/Javascript (Free – Tables and graphics)

Plotly is a well-known and powerful data visualization software that displays information by creating interactive web browser-based charts, creating dozens of beautiful tables and maps. It offers several charts that can’t be found anywhere else; like contour charts, candlestick charts, and 3D charts. The Plotly team maintains the fastest-growing open-source visualization libraries for R, Python, and JavaScript. They also provide modern Python rich analytics applications for business.

With Plotly you can simply start from a spreadsheet. Its simplicity and the great results it offers have led large technology companies to require its services. We can also use its API to carry out projects in JavaScript and Python.

Chart.js (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

Another Free open-source JavaScript chart library for designers and developers, similar to other technical data visualization tools such as D3.js, providing 8 customizable dynamic visualizations for your data such as pie, line, bar, and radar charts. The most distinctive quality of chart.js is its great drag and draw responsive charts using HTML5 Canvas. Chart.js allows you to mix different types of charts and then date-graph, logarithm, or custom the data scale on it. You can also apply out-of-frame animation when changing data or updating colors. Another impressive characteristic of this data valuation software is its reduced weight of only 11kb.

Google Charts (Free – Tables and graphics)

Google has also developed its own JavaScript graphics library that runs in HTML5 and SVG. It is as well one of the few data visualization tools that are compatible with all commercial browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Google itself makes uses of this same graphics tool to power their data analysis. It is completely FREE for any developers to use, and guarantees three years of backward compatibility. With simple JavaScript code embedded in your web page, you can choose from a variety of chart templates and customize them to create your own interactive charts.

Ember charts (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

Ember Charts is an open-source chart library built-in within the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks. Ember Charts primarily draws a time series diagram, histograms, pie charts, and scatter plots. Together with the Ember.js development team, Ember Charts focuses on graphical interactivity. It has a very strong error handling ability, and the system will not crash when it encounters bad data.

With it, we can make graphical visualizations of complex time series, bars, pie charts, and scatter charts. It is a very comfortable, elegant, and light tool. It is intended to provide solutions and contains practical modules for correcting errors.

NVD3 (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

Another free open source tool that runs on top of D3.js is NVD3.

With it we can create reusable graphics and components.

It has a very simple interface that keeps all the graphics that we create ordered and customizable at any time. It is a quite comfortable option to enjoy all the benefits of D3.js, with a less complex interface.

Dygraphs (Free Open-Source – Financial graphics)

Dygraphs is a fast and flexible open source JavaScript chart library,primarily used for stock and finance charts. It produces intuitive and salable time series charts, allowing users to explore and interpret dense data sets. dygraphs is highly interactive with the default labels when hovering, zooming, and panning, and it also has other useful interactive features, such as sync and range selector.

HubSpot  (Free Open-Source – CRM/Tables and graphics)

HubSpot is one of the best-known FREE CRM tools worldwide. Funded in 2005 it currently posses more than 56,500 customers in over 100 countries. This CRM data visualization software is the indisputable references within the field of Inbound Marketing. Hubspot’s CRM functionality allows you to manage all your marketing and sales activities as you see fit. For example, it allows grouping by campaigns that generate detailed metric reports on the real return on investment of the entire conversion. The software allows us to prepare, measure, and report the performance of all our marketing campaigns. Its panel is completely customizable, so you can add and delete reports as you please as many times as need.

One of the greatest advantages, among other CRM data visualization tools, is its performance measurements of work and detailed reports extract of your marketing channels.

Chartis.js (Free Open-Source – Tables and graphics)

Chartist.js is the result of great community work. It is a FREE open-source tool, intuitive and powerful that allows creating highly customizable responsive charts. It is fully responsive and flexible. The tool is a fully customizable JavaScript chart library where you can create amazing chart projects. This tool is easily integrable with AngularJS, React, Meteor, Ember, and WordPress.

Although is a FREE data visualization software, It comes packed with powerful commercial options for different business size, although this will require for you to its graphics library licenses.

Leaflet (Free Open Source – Maps)

The leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It takes advantage of the OpenStreetMap data and offers the chance to add HTML5, CSS3, and interactivity visualizations to create impressive graphics for mobile devices. Although Leaflet is simple in design and easy to use, it is an assertive and comprehensive tool to achieve effects and functions without the hassle of other complicated technical data visualization tools. It works efficiently on all major desktop and mobile platforms and can be expanded with many plugins.

OpenLayers (Free Open Source – Maps)

OpenLayers is an open-source, client-side JavaScript library for creating interactive web maps that can be viewed in almost any browser (Including IE). OpenLayers does not require special server-side software or any configuration and can be used without downloading any additional package. As one of the most widely used map engines in the industry, OpenLayers has been adopted by major GIS vendors and most Web GIS developers.

Kartograph (Free – Maps)

KartographKartograph is a simple and lightweight framework for building interactive map applications without the need for Google Maps or any other mapping software service. It was created and designed taking into account the needs of data designers and journalists. Kartograph has two libraries;, a powerful Python library, generates beautiful and compact SVG maps, and Kartograph.js, a JavaScript library that helps you create interactive maps that run in all major browsers.

CARTO (Free Open Source – Maps)

CARTOCARTO (formerly CartoDB) is an open-source, powerful, and intuitive platform to automatically discover and analyze location data. With CARTO, you can upload your geo-location data and visualize it in a dataset or an interactive map. CARTO can be installed on your own server. Alongside other data visualization tools, its services are intended for enterprise solutions and require a paid service.

Sigma – (Free – Network Graph)

SigmaSigma is an interactive visualization JavaScript library dedicated to graphic drawing. Sigma aims to help its users to display networks on web pages, from simple interactive network posts to rich web applications, offering dynamic network exploration. It is very useful while visualizing big data networks. If you export a chart from Gephi, you can display it on web pages using Sigma.

Highcharts (Free noncommercial/Plans – Tables and graphics)

Highcharts is an open-source graphics library written as a JavaScript API that can be integrated with jQuery. The tools make it easy to add interactive graphics to websites or web applications and are available for FREE for personal learning, personal websites, and non-commercial use.

Highcharts is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. It uses SVG in modern browsers and VML in lower versions of the IE browser to draw graphics. If you want to run Highcharts on a commercial or government website, intranet, or project, you need to purchase licenses along with premium support.

Fusion Charts (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)

FusionCharts possess a powerfull JavaScript chart library, that includes more than 90 charts and 900 maps made available to transform our data into amazing visualizations, and direct technical support to solve any doubt we might have. The software can reduce the burden on developers by generating splendid charts and maps through interactive data visualizations, and its integrations are also available for all popular technology stacks.

It has an easy integration system into libraries like jQuery or frameworks like AngularJS. It supports languages like ASP.NET and PHP. The data once transformed into graphics can be exported in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF.

Whatagraph (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)

Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting system that automatically converts websites and social media data into a simple, visual, and understandable infographic report. this data visualization software supports multiple integrations that help you take these reports to the next level. Whatagraph is also known as the business intelligence system that provides modern companies with a new and very visual way of presenting analytical data that people can easily understand

Looker (Free Trial/ Plans – Tables and graphics)

You will find the clarity of your data in this data analysis platform. Its qualities include modern business intelligence and analytics tools, built-in insights, data-driven workflows, and custom applications.

Being an extension of Google Cloud, this platform is very easy to use. If you and your team have never used business intelligence and reporting tool, this is perfect for taking your first steps.

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