67 Best SEO Tools For the Keyword Research

Knowing how to pick the right Keywords is a fundamental step towards successful and accurate SEO strategies and business development, which at the end is what we want.

This being said, in order to pick the right keywords, we need the proper tools to help us perform a faster and more insightful job, as it is for any other profession.

So,  what are the best tools for keywords research and analysis for your blog or website?

Below you are going to find a comprehensive list of all the keywords research tools that are available on the market.

Free keyword research tools

Seed Keywords 

Link: https://www.seedkeywords.com/

Price: Free

Type: Keyword inspirations – “what people ask”

Description: This Software is broadly used to find right keywords but it especially allows you to reduce significantly the research time. This is possible thanks to a feature that allows you to ask them for exactly what they would search.

For example, buying Vitamin tablets – You will find specific search terms that users are looking for.

Link: https://trends.google.com/trends/

Price: Free

Type: Trend related keywords tool

Description: Trends Google is a fascinating Keyword tool. Finding new keywords and search trend can be done deeper and better.

One of the great features you will find in it is the Youtube search capabilities. You can check in real-time if a given keyword is trending and growing on the most popular video search engine.

If your content includes lots of content revolving around one relevant topic or Evergreen content, you must take advantage of the Google Trends tool. This way, you can assess and foreseen, before even writing, keywords that are going to bring a fair amount of traffic over the long haul.

As a Google tool, is free for you to use. Lets you basically to enter various keywords and filter by location, category or search history. As well, it provides more insightful results that show how much interest and buzz there is around a particular keyword, the causality (Press conference) and even where the traffic is coming from (Geo Locality) alongside other features

If you are someone who loves to see a more interactive and colourful way to see and segment information, then you will definitely love Google Trends. It not only provides a great statistic keyword volume numbers feature like any of the other tools can do, but it displays a minimalistic, dynamic and comprehensible graph that you can interact with, download or embed into your website. Provides better insights of a keyword within a rich full and vibrant way to understand it compiling information like search term over time or relative popularity

Google trends have taken care to not include in its searches any repeated queries that user may have placed on a short period of time. This makes results much more cleaner, useful and accurate. They have also included a feature that automatically groups together search types that might infer a same meaning or thing, like misspellings

A splendid way to test Google trends comes when you need to decide between two keyword variations for your post. Just perform a quick comparison search in Google Trends to comprehend which one is getting searched the most currently.

Internet marketing ninjas 

Link: https://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/search/ ( free) 

Pice: Free

Type: Keyword mixer


Link: https://visuwords.com/

Price: Free

Type: Keyword inspirations – “word visual maps”

Description: Visuword helps to find words meaning and associations with other concepts and words. It has the ability to produce diagrams based on a neural net. YOu can learn how words associate

Infinite Suggest

Link: www.infinitesuggest.com

Price: Free

Type: Keyword suggestions


Link: https://soovle.com/

Price : Free

Type: Keyword suggestions

Description: It is fair to say that Soolve is one of the best free keyword research tools out in the market. If you need more proof, just check the reviews it has, and being a free tool, they provide a remarkable resource onto the content and blog community.

They gather and suggest keyword ideas from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and more. All in one place. That way, you can find hidden keywords that your competition doesn’t know about.

Even further than this, they provide a feature called “Saved suggestions”. Allows you to easily save your favourite keyword ideas with Soovle “drag & drop” saved suggestions feature.


Link: https://www.seostack.net/

Price: Free

Type: Keywords analysis


Link : https://kombinator.org/

Price: Free

Type: Keyword mixer


Link: https://www.yippy.com/ 

Type: Free

Description: Among the various offer of free SEO tools. Yippy stands among the others and is. Best suited for Its ability to select great English keywords. Although as you have guessed, this can be a major let down of you seek multilingual content. 

By entering a phrase, you will immediately get back a hint column (at the left side of the page) with several suggestions for other words that can be associated with the original phrase. In addition, results can be presented by categories, sources, domains, and even by periods of time. Most helpful when you need it. To. Create long-tail phrases. 


Amazon.com – This worldwide well know page, offers a category based for its best sellers and new releases… It exists as well as a third party software tool that works specifically as an Amazon keyword tool (amz.sistrix.com/de/keywords)designed by Sistrix.

Search Bloom

Link: https://www.searchbloom.com/tools/keyword-mixer-tool/

Price: Free

Type: Keyword mixer


Link: https://tejji.com/keyword/tools/google

Price: Free

Type: Keyword suggestions

Update August 2020 – seems like the tool doesn`t work anymore

Also Asked

Link: https://alsoasked.com/

Price: Free

Type:  Keyword inspirations – “what people ask”

Wordstat Yandex

Link: https://wordstat.yandex.com/

Price: Free

Type: keyword suggestions

Google search console

Link: https://search.google.com/search-console/about

Price: Free

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: You can literally find hundreds and hundreds of “Opportunity Keywords”.

This isn’t the old fashioned or traditional research tool. Provides a feature that makes the finding of awesome keywords am walk in the woods.

The Performance Report. List out the pages on your site that are getting the most of clicks from Google and the exact keywords responsible for such traffic.

You might wonder how you can use such a feature to get benefit if there is no traffic or keywords to analyze? It happens to be a great source place to get all sort of “Opportunity Keywords”. 

This type of keywords is those ranking between #8-#20 in Google for a specific keyword.

Adding some extra work on on-page SEO, you might add the extra mile needed to boost the ranking 

A Great pair of features to analyze within this tool, are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Its great potential comes when you combine both. It allows you to merge your Google search console and Google analytics account. And it’s VERY helpful.

These features unlock more in-depth keyword data than you will get with any other independent tool. 

Unfortunately, The Google Search Console is a rather underrated keyword research tool nowadays, given the abundant offer of SEO tools. Nonetheless, rest assure no other tool can help you find Opportunity Keywords like the GSC.

Google Keyword Planner

Price: Free

Link: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_ie/home/tools/keyword-planner/

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: GKP immerses you into Google vast keyword database. 

This tool is quite simple compared to any other keyword tools out there. So why to bother trying it? 

The amount of data you will have access to is simply massive. And as it comes fresh and straight from Google own databases, you are guaranteed accurate, legit and diverse information. A tool that must be under any SEO optimization strategy. 

One of their coolest features, called “Top of page bid” grant you access on to how much people advertisers are bidding on a keyword. So if. You happen to see a top of page bid of $5, people are spending an average of 5 dollars per each click. Needless to say, the higher this number gets, the greater the commercial intent the searcher has.

All data found on GKP can be classified as the most reliable and factual. That being said, not all can be great. Because it’s designed towards optimal Google Ads, using it for SEO can be tricky. However, it can be switched to be used for SEO-focused keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner might a simple option providing a few basic features and functionalities, nonetheless is an extremely accurate source of keyword data on the market. As well the results will Integrate fantastically well with AdSense monetization as data is fed directly from. Google. 

Standout features

accurately Locate commercial keywords using “top of page” bid range

  • Accurate search volume directly from Google databases 
  • Best choice for business websites
  • Keyword Research Tool Bing ( free) Bing Keyword research tool 

Even though Google is the most used and widely accepted search engine, there is some competition out there that might bring extra layers and paths of expansion to your hands. Bing, by Microsoft, is a worldwide used search engine and an option for many. Microsoft has created a fair and useful tool. Compete on the market and brings Great features to the marker

  • Bing will fetch all its data from organic searches. This means all keyword suggestions and query volumes are based on organic search, instead of a paid search or search advertising data, providing the user with natural-realistic ideas and accurate numbers.
  • It has the ability to display fresh, organic data, stats and suggestions based on up to 6 months of historical data. No averages included 
  • Bing Provides Keyword Ideas by Language and geolocation. being able to generate keyword suggestion taking into account a wide range of languages and countries/regions, allowing you to fine-tune your keyword ideas for the markets you target. 
  • Finally but not least, it includes a Research History function. This will simplify your keyword research and add a history of up to 25 keywords for quick access to prior topics you looked for. 

Link: Google Trending Searches 

Price: Free

Type: Keyword inspiration – trends

Description: Display keywords that stand on a hot topic or entered recently with daily and real-time data delivery.  Google Trends has the ability to archives older hot keywords and shows seasonal search trends for most popular keywords.

Similiar options:

Pinterest Trends – Only for the US. A keyword trend data for Pinterest

Google Trend Datastore

Google Trends Datastore – databases of keywords for “how-to” searches & other similarly themed databases

Keyword Shitter

Link: https://keywordshitter.com/

Price: Free

Type: Keyword suggestions

Description: There are tons of ways to analyse and obtain long-tail keywords with high success ratio. However, to perform a successful keyword strategy you need some time and you have to research multiple platforms to get a comprehensive list. 

Keywordshitter has by far one of the coolest names combined with an absolutely free service with no must upgrade options. As it names suggest, it ‘shits’ out hundred to thousands of long-tail keywords.

The tool does not disappoint, just enter any seed keyword and you will get results for long-tail keywords that will definitely suffice your needs, composed with a massive keywords lists in no time and then easily uploading directly into Bing or Google.

Scrape Box

Link: http://www.scrapebox.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword suggestions

Description: Getting ranked on the first google page can be a difficult task when is a big competition for a brad-term keyword. 

If you want to participate and get a share of the cake, you need to find well asses and competitive long-tail Keywords. 

As you are all aware by now, and if you do not check here (Link to 1st article), long-tail keywords are phrases composed of 4 keywords or more that describes a specific matter or topic. Even Though long-tail keywords don’t reach onto a wide public, it can guarantee a higher ranking for those niche users choosing that set of keywords

This tool offers a splendid feature called Keyword Scraper. By providing keyword suggestions and exact Google match results count in minutes, Scrapebox excels on helping you out to find long-tail keywords to be used for specialized niche marketing and content brainstorming

Long tail Pro

Link:  https://longtailpro.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: This is believed by many that long-tail keywords are the new standard of SEO. As it names suggest, Long Tail Pro specializes in generating long-tail keywords for niche sites and has even gatherers a cult following with content producers for micro-niche sites. 

This is a simple, yet powerful tool that generates detailed keyword metrics provides recommendations for attracting highly convertible organic traffic and has, more than 2500 SERP lookups every 24 hours.

Being a premium keyword tool, Long Tail Pro shows an overview of data about your keyword, with a specific interest on how you rank against the competition. As well by providing a tracker for a specific keyword, it allows following the keywords changes over time and how your content is ranking within those changes


Link: https://buzzsumo.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Visual Thesaurus 

Link: https://www.visualthesaurus.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword inspirations – “word visual maps”

Description: The Visual Thesaurus is a well developed and interactive thesaurus and dictionary which essentially creates a word maps that will output different meaning and branches to related words. Its interactive and innovative architecture and display welcome user onto learning and exploration. It basically allows you to understand the language in a powerful and useful new way. Let’s say you have a meaning in mind like “Joyful”. The software will help you to find related words to such terms as “Happy”, “Cheeky”, “Playful” or “Euphoric”. Developers and team had taken care that VT works like your brain and not like a paper-made book, therefore allows you to explore, discover and learn naturally and intuitively. 

After a while of using VT, you will find yourself finding the right words more often, write more descriptively, more precise understanding of the English language and association among verb and synonyms

Keyword Snatcher

Link: https://keywordsnatcher.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword suggestions

Description: Do you think is possible to find 2000 keywords ideas with a single search?
If you what you seek is to find the most possible amount of words within the first try, and we mean a lot of keyword ideas, then Keyword Snatcher is the answer. A top of notch software for volume.
As a matter of fact, Keyword Snatcher usually generates at least 2000 Keywords from a single search term. However, and like many great things, this tool comes with a downside to compensate it high search amount. It does not provide any data on the keywords generated (Like keyword competition or search volume).
Nonetheless, let’s please keep in mind that this is an especially Keyword Idea Tool. It cuts your search time enormously and provides you with a most useful feature to export the list of keywords (“Download Suggestions”) into a most convenient Keyword list in TXT or CSV file. All you need to do shortly after is to paste those Keywords into the Google Keyword Planner
One Of the special and most welcome features of this tool is a Word Count. This swift feature lets you focus only on Keywords that meets your specific lengths. Such option reduces the difficulty of searching for new terms and especially a much easier exploring of long-tail Keywords
Some might agree is not the best keyword tool ever made, but it’s one of the few that don’t require a monthly subscription

Question DB

Link: https://questiondb.io/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword inspirations – “what people ask”

Description: This tool offers great question-focused keyword ideas (for free).
QuestionDB has the ability to pull keywords based on a question from Reddit threads. If you happen to be looking for some alternate solutions to Answer The Public, this tool will definitely pull out the job

One of the greatest special characteristics this tool has is a Popularity Sort, in which you can filter the results based on its popularity trending. This enables you to create content that answers these high potential target questions.

It comes to find a solution for question-keywords for the blog post, pages and content, QuestionDB holds a special place among its competition


Link: https://www.hittail.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords Suggestions

There are two things you should look for when analysing different SEO tools; Cost-effectiveness and functionality. On both HitTail excels.

Its special algorithm will allow you to save a lot of time researching new content ideas with a relatively low price that make it accessible for many looking for good options. A starting package will cost just $9.95.

HitTail works by importing your Search Analytics data from Google Search Console and analysing the keyword data with its own deep and complex algorithm. It will provide suggestions on topics for content based on the keywords that are underperforming in your Search Console data. the tool mostly identifies long-tail keywords that are highly relevant to the organic search traffic your site currently has. 

The architecture is designed to be automatic and background. Once you have merged up the Search Console, you will start to see new suggestions in your HitTail user interface immediately.


Link: https://mangools.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: Within Mangools easy to use SEO tools, is packed a powerful software suite, aimed for marketers, SEO and digital marketing agencies, business owners, bloggers, beginners and professionals.

On top of its architecture, Mongools has built an incredible and easy to use UX (User Experience Interface) which aims to the most simplistic ones, powered by great visualizations and intuitive usage. Is a simple SEO tool to cover everything from keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis to in-depth analysis of competitors.

Its simple design helps to quickly understand all the data, specially configured for those who are starting with SEO. The software has a keyword tool that helps SEOs to see competitors’ rankings for the top keywords, find keyword ideas with historical search volumes and trends. It can add results for more than 50k locations. Professional can now optimize the content on their websites accordingly and get more organic traffic.

Marketers can use the SERP analysis tool and find out how hard it can be to rank amongst the first pages thanks to a detailed overview that includes authority metrics and SERP features that can influence the click rate.

Magools offer as well a Backlink analysis tool that calculates the link strength, categorizes backlinks and shows a website preview to evaluate the potential of the referring websites.

Mangools is an amazing value for money if you are not looking for complicated all-in-one tools. As an added on, they have created Chrome and Firefox browser extension for a faster and easy to access information, connected directly to their key data tools.

KW Finder by Mangools

KWFinder is quite a powerful tool and yet really easy to use. With user experience on its mind, kw finder excels on its performance. It was designed by Mangools – a developer known for delivering the best keyword research tools across categories

Throughput the past few years, these tools have managed to quickly become one of must-have keyword research tool. Their platform makes it easier to find keywords with low SEO difficulty 

It combines all of the great and advance features other tools might provide. But thanks to its great slick simplicity and user success designed, the outcome product is very very intuitive. 

One of its great es features is the keyword difficulty setting. As you might know, this tells you how hard it will be to rank for that keyword but it automatically and intuitively shows a Keyword Difficulty score next to every keyword. No need for the user to click on every one of the terms to check the score. 

Standout features

  • Unique and intuitive user interface
  • Find keywords in any language
  • Choose options from a list of powerful keywords
  • Accurate statistics for keyword competition
  • Filters to list of keyword suggestions
  • List of suggestions and a great deep and developed SERP overview

Exploding Topics

Link: https://explodingtopics.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword inspirations

Description: It shows fast-growing topics

Keywords Everywhere

Link:  https://keywordseverywhere.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: This tool extends your capabilities to get search volume and much more wherever you go. This piece of software is a paid keyword research tool with the amazing capability of displaying data on top of 10 websites; among which you will find pages like eBay, Amazon and Reddit.

Such a feature allows the writer to shop a good amount of time copy and pasting keywords into the Google Keyword Planner. The data is simply shown on your Chrome browser, which is really convenient and practical.

Another great feature included in Keyword everywhere called “People also Search For” generates a list of keywords tightly related to your searched term. What makes this a great feature indeed is the ability to suggest keywords that your niche customer is searching while they are not searching for what you offer.

We strongly suggest adding this extension into your browser. Is a must-have tool for anyone who considers a serious matter to perform a proper keyword research


Link: https://www.wordtracker.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Considered one of the original keyword tools, offering a compilation of must-have features alongside the possibility to get top keyword reports. 

They have been on the market for quite a while now, around 20 years, which is living proof of its reliability and long-lasting solution as an SEO software provider, alongside being one of the pioneers in its field

Keyword Discovery

Link: https://www.keyworddiscovery.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: A tool developer by Trellian. They provider standard and advance SEO features. You can access the advanced tools with the paid version 

Content Refined

Link: https://www.contentrefined.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Previously knew as Ferzy, now the freemium tool that shows competition levels on different keywords, as well as search volume and bid prices

Word stream

Link:  https://www.wordstream.com/keywords#top 

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Wordstream SEO tool Focuses on niche targets or a group of related keywords. It provides you with further options and let you group them based off of a common theme which makes a lot easier am ad group launch. 

Within these software options, you can have 30 free searches. You can sign up as well to their WordStream Advisor to use it fully. 

However, there is a hidden opportunity here. You can get a free 7-day trial on top of the already given 30 searches.

Term Explorer 

Link: https://termexplorer.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: This keyword research tool will allow you up to 5 keywords per day once you complete their registration process.

The tool Supports various language and displays the competitiveness of given phrases and its relevant, average CPC and the average monthly number of searches. This tools is designed to be user friendly and Intuitive and has enhanced capabilities to twitch even further with Google API to Present results that are consistent with the results of the keyword planner


Link: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description:  Ubersuggest is categorized as a freemium tool, designed by Neil Patel

This software offers, similar to Others, options to search volume data, keyword suggestions, estimations of how difficult a keyword can be to rank and lots of suggestions for related keywords,

As an addition, you can view a table of the top 100 Google results for a given keyword and its number of backlinks, a total number of social shares (Facebook and Pinterest), domain score and accurate estimated visits. It has as well the ability to show content related to a keyword

If you sign up with a Google account, you will be able to get more keyword suggestions, daily rank tracking, and personalized SEO suggestions.

LSI Graph

Link: https://lsigraph.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: LSI Graph is a list of related keywords under the main keyword basket

You might be wondering what LSI Graph have to offer indifference to any other? 

Instead of having just one or two main keywords, you can have a list comparison of related keywords that offers equivalent search volume. You can then stack it up to build a rank pulling article.

Rumour has it, among SEO practices, that the more LSI keywords you can embed to your content, the smoother it is for google to understand what your page is all about. when you include LSI keywords within your articles it increases its relevance. This is the way search engines can naturally understand what’s your topic, target and category are and rank it higher. It’s fair to assume LSI keywords is the key point of your ranking formula.

Keyword Tool 

Link: https://keywordtool.io/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: The keyword tool will provide you with boatloads of targeted keyword ideas. This tool concepts imitates the behaviour of tools like UberSuggest and Soovle, explained above. 

nonetheless, it has embedded two great features that make it stand alone its competition. 

  1. Provides A LOT of keyword suggestions.
  2. Competitors analysis

The second feature alone is something you might not find easily in any other provider. Keyword tool has made it simple for you to check your competitions stats. Just enter any site you are considering to compare and the tool will generate a detailed list of keywords ideas based on such site content

this is extremely useful when you need to compare if any competitor is ranking for the same Keywords you do and how they are doing with them. If you have performed a good assessment of Keywords, you should expect to get many similar ones, but also you will come across terms that you might nth be using anywhere but are tightly related to the type of content you are writing about

This tool is a great companion as well for those savvy keyword data mining out there. the platform is known for its outstanding performance and data accuracy offering multiple search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and the App Store.

Standout features

  • Find great keywords using Google Autocomplete
  • Supports social media marketing with Instagram and Twitter Keyword analysis
  • Allows to find great keywords with Google Autocomplete
  • Rather simple and comprehensive UX for beginners
  • Capable of Exporting results to CSV

Answer the public

Link: https://answerthepublic.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword inspirations – “what people ask”

Description : AnswerThePublic works a bit differently from most other keyword research tools, presenting results in a nice visual format (though you can also see them in a list and download a .csv file of results).

This tool introduces a rather nice visual format aimed for those seeking simplicity and order. However, it does provide as well an exporting solution into .csv format of all results. If you happen to be starting this fascinating world of SEO and keyword research, then this is a great tool to try. There is no hassle to create an account to use it if you don’t want to. Just type in your keyword and take a look at what comes up.

All keywords suggestions were given by Answer The Public is based on Bing and google auto-suggest features. You can click on any of these keywords to search for it in Google, and it’ll open up in a new tab. You will be able to see what content is ranking for those terms and whether there’s a featured snippet on it.

Keyword Sheeter

Link: https://keywordsheeter.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Keyword Sheeter is a must-go keyword research tool if you find yourself lost and in the need for fresh ideas. Its has a simple and clean architecture and very easy to use interface. Type any keyword you have thought of or researched on returns tons of suggestion keywords that would give you other keywords people searched for. 

It adds a filter feature to categorize your keywords and add or remove any depending on what you want to see. Although the tools are user-friendly oriented, it does not provide as much details that other solutions give. 

Keyword sheet works better when is teamed up with other tools to compile a bigger and better data to make a keyword map. It lacks more expansion on keyword details.


 Link: https://www.semstorm.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Among the many keyword tools, Semstorm stands as a helpful and insightful tool in the keyword planning process.

After it has received a given phrase, it will provide suggestions divided into various categories:

  • Simple suggestions: This is rather similar to those displayed by Google search results.
  • Words with prepositions – A visual and graphic solution map of keywords containing basic prepositions in Polish.
  • Video – Keywords or phrases to increase the visibility and should be placed in the title and description of the video.
  • Questions (Asked by Google users): An insightful and interesting compilation to help you plan topics for blog texts or articles.

Applied properly, Semstorm with providing a substantial list of keywords sorted alphabetically with an included feature to find groups divided by numbers in the phrase, which can stand out details like prices, which is often included in certain inquiries, like “sports shoes up to USD 100”.

In addition to the above tool, Semstorm also offers other solutions related to CPC campaigns, image searching or e-commerce


Link: https://surferseo.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Surfeseo presents itself as one neat application that gathers many of the essential SEO elements in one place. It creates an indispensable tool for any SEO specialist. Just by entering a selected key phrase, the platforms great algorithm will analyze individual elements on the pages that are ranking the best according to the keyword given, and data results will be compiled in tables, lists and charts.

 By Comparing the elements of website optimization, it is possible to notice a correlation between a given technical aspect and position in the search engine. Surfer includes within its algorithm, a better way to understand SERP. It pulls the top 48 of the SERP and analyzes these pages. It gives all the information about the top search results. The data includes the length of the article, the keywords used, how many images, the frequency of the header tags, the title length, the meta-description length, the frequency of the keywords in the article, and so on. 

Surfers is a paid solution, but you can give it a try for 7 days at the price of 1 USD. Most certainly will be worth your money.


Link: https://ahrefs.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: This is one of the good know tools you can find in the market and one of the best keyword research tools available for content creators today. It has recently added a new improved “Keyword explorer” It gives you great in-depth information on each keyword. You will get not only expected data like search volume but you also a breakdown of the first-page competition and how many searchers actually are clicking on a result. The platform provides a broad keyword report to the user and relies on clickstream data to provide unique click metrics.

One of the Ahrefs best features is the Keyword Difficulty. Most keyword research tools give you vague and imprecise information but Ahrefs tells you exactly how many backlinks are needed to rank on the first page of Google. A well-known feature as well will provide backlink analysis. 

Standout features

  • Really precise keyword difficulty score
  • Thousand or more keyword suggestions
  • Worldwide support (Over 171 countries)
  • Indeep SERP overview
  • Click metrics for improving CTR


Link: https://www.semrush.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: This is another well-known tool in the market. However, it works somehow different from the ones we have discussed already. Instead of taking a seed keyword and providing a long list of keyword possibilities, SEMrush focus to show you keywords that your competition has ranked for. The huge added value within this tool provides outside-the-box keywords that would be impossible to find using any other tool

One of Semrush greatest and well know the feature is Keyword Magic

This option pulls keyword suggestions from SEMrush massive database of 800+ million terms.

Semrush is an all in one kit you must have. Instead of producing a list of keywords, SEMrush suggests 5-10 very specific keywords that your competitors are already using. Unfortunately, it does not come at a cheap price, as you must subscribe to use their solutions. However and if your aim is to outperform in SEO practices, then Semrush is a must-have app

Standout features

  • Uncover long-tail keywords and ad group ideas
  • Get yearly keyword trends
  • Worldwide CPC statistics
  • Access to the complete keyword research toolkit
  • Keyword difficulty analysis and organic traffic insights


Link: https://www.brightedge.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Brightedge offers the users a complete tool option, which will provide you with organic ranking positions, competitive analysis, keyword research and keyword gap analysis. They use recommendations and Intent Signal Dashboards to find out what content to defend, or top opportunities to go after. Keyword gap analysis is very helpful to find out what keywords our competitors are using that we are not.

It provides great ways for content creation and road map to follow evergreen content to get it to rank higher. The keyword research is descent and the Data Cube, which monitors organic rank position, is very easy to use as compared to other SEO tools.


Link: https://moz.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: A tool revolved around generating keywords that will drive the most traffic.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer does an outstanding job of finding “lateral” keyword ideas. With any other tool, you will get a list of closely related keywords: However, Mos is smart and unique. It will provide outside-the-box suggestions that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Organic CTR and Priority are two great features included in Moz. Lets you know how many clicks you can expect to get from your target keyword. It basically means the number of clicks you can expect to get if you manage to rank on the top 10. Priority takes CTR, search volume and difficulty into the equation. So it provides an overall score of whether or not a keyword is worth to target.

If you happen to feel overwhelmed by any keyword data, you can use this metric solution to find keywords that are going to bring you the most traffic from Google.

Moz is a complete and deep SEO tool. Unfortunately, it’s not a standalone tool you must pay for their entire suite of SEO tools to use it. nonetheless, they offer a one month trial period for you to test it.


Link: https://majestic.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Majestic is built on top of an all in one SEO architecture. allows user to keep a track of their site’s health. Is a great companion for new small business and blogs that lack the resources to invest in complicated support for search engine optimization.

This tool has an easy to use interface with all SEO features within a single toolkit. Provides easy-to-target phrases, Research competition on each keyword among others


Link: http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: This is a very interesting tool that not only provides SEO tool feature but takes you into a learning journey. Unfortunately, when it comes to polish language, it does not has great support. Nonetheless, if you run any foreign blog or website, it will most definitely come in handy.

Within the tool, you can find the monthly and a daily number of searches for a given keyword or data. As well it has the ability to export the finished list to a CSV file for easier manipulation of data.

Although registration is needed in order to gain access to it, the process is free. Once inside, it provides an SEO Tools tab with several options to choose from including those to support positioning. unfortunately, it does have a disadvantage for English words only. 

When the user enters a word that is of its interest, given a result mixing the number of searches for a given phrase per month Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. In addition, it provides information on its CPC and suggests long tail and other keywords that are worth positioning for. The results can be exported to a CSV file.


Link: https://www.jaaxy.com/keywords/ 

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: Jaaxy is packed with a great engine to get thousands of related keyword ideas within seconds. A minimalistic, simple and powerful tool to get the job done. 

This tools its unique. It provides tons of different keyword ideas, Including several, you won’t be able to find in most other SEO tools, even the best ones. In addition, you get helpful data on every keyword that it generates. It includes search volume, traffic and potential traffic, and competition.

One of its most stand out features is the Quote Search Result or QSR. IS just another way of letting you know how many other websites are trying to rank for this exact term.

Consequently, the lower the number is, the greater the chance to rank #1.


Link: https://secockpit.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: A tool designed for the SEO pros. An all in one keyword research tool for the tech-savvy.

Like many other applications out there, SecoCkpit takes the main seed keyword and as a result, gives back a list of results. However, what makes this piece of software unique is their built-in algorithm and features providing a better and more insightful panorama o traffic estimations, organic competition and searching trends, therefore, is a tool for the SEO pro and will require you a greater learning curve period

As a new incomer to the SEO world, the various amount of options might overwhelm you but is possible to get the advantage of some of its features. However, and as mentioned before, if you really want to squeeze out its true potential, you will need to have a great in-depth knowledge of SEO. After all, is what the developers intended.

SEOcockpits has a pretty straightforward usage. Once you are logged in, direct to the dashboard where you will see options to create new projects around a specific set of keywords.

the data within SeoCokpit grabs the familiarity of Google Keyword Planner and presents it on an understandable and known architecture. If you happen to be familiar with GKP, then you will appreciate Seocockpit tool. As a matter of fact the different columns like “CPC” or “Monthly Searches” re pulled directly from GKP

Seocokpit is packed with tons of extra pro features like “Niche”: this feature is a single metric that takes into account first-page competition, monthly search volume, and commercial intent. In simple words, it tells you whether or not a query is a good choice or not. The larger the bar, the better the keyword.

“Top Results” feature, located next to monthly searches and displayed as orange bars, indicates the difficulty of ranking for that particular keyword based on the current top 10 results. By clicking on a specific Keyword, you get a breakdown of that keyword search results. these metrics are packed with really important competition information for the 10 first pages in the results. It includes as well Moz Domain Authority and total backlinks. If you are familiar with Optimization of SEO strategies, this is a great way to quickly sum up competition without having to look one-by-one.

SeoCokpit event allows you to add at least 20 more columns to the results and display the

portion ratio of the keyword’s competition in comparison to its search volume. Or a comparison of the estimated traffic you’ll get from hitting the top 3 for that keyword. 

Among all its great and advance features, one of its stand-alone options is to add over 100 filters to find the exact keywords you need. Options like; setting keywords to only be displayed if they meet a minimum search volume (10K month) or best ratio of search volume and competition, will be at your disposal.

this tool may be Clunky, but it’s definitely intuitive and features a rich one. If you don’t mind a steep learning curve, definitely check out SECockpit.


Link: https://serpstat.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Serpstat is a great SEO suite tool with tons of options to provide; Content tools, Link building and many others. Unfortunately, this tool does not especially in keyword research, nonetheless is a well-designed keyword research tool.

A great feature that will make users give it a try if its rich and greatly layout Competitors Graph. Provides a visualization of the sites that are competing for a given keyword, and its related terms. If Keywords are enclosed within big bubbles, then is probably better to start searching for a different one

Even though there are perhaps several other better SEO tools in the market (With more advance features), deciding to use it is a smart and safe move. It can get better than an all-in-one tool, built to streamline the entire category of SEO; combining website analytics, keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, a rank tracker, budget-friendly list options, and a website audit feature, that cost only $19 a month. 


Link: https://www.spyfu.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Spyfu comes as a third party software solution to help users get greater and insightful information from its competitors’ SEO strategies.

Its software design uncovers valuable and potential untapped keywords, discovers ranking difficulty and historical rank changes, different websites competing for a single search term and in-depth domain analysis. These features are extremely handy when you are competing for the highly saturated niche.

Spyfu architecture revolves around learning and application. It digs into your competition most profitable keywords and ads too, providing unique valuable information. It collects past data and splays your site or your competitor’s site has gained or lost rankings for particular keywords or compare your site against other sites in your industry. 

This tool is free to try by just going to the page and entering, in the type bar, the web page you want to check. If you want to take a look at more than one site, then you’ll need to create a free account and log in.


Link: https://www.seomonitor.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: A tool specialized in reports provides a complete set of data on organic keywords, which can later be used to research keywords and topics.

It provides a full breakdown of each keyword traffic to a given website, complete with metrics such as the search volume, click-through rate, average position, the number of search visits from each keyword, the bounce rate and conversion rate.

One of the greatest features included here is the Topic Explorer, which will focus its efforts on different topics instead of individual keywords. Is capable to link different keywords to a topic and find semantically-related keywords

The team have also developed their own metric sats called Visibility Score, which is a great intuitive way to assess keywords this works particularly better than an arbitrary ‘Keyword Difficulty’ metrics many other tools only provide. Visibility Score mixes the rankings and searches volumes in an easy, readable and comprehensible visualization.


Link: https://www.keysearch.co/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Keysearch.co presents itself, in more simple words, and a great and cheaper Ahrefs alternative. It packs dozens of features which you can find in Ahrefs, although you will not get all of them, is still a worth to check application. Its offers great solutions to achieve great results even for those out there who seek to start a whole marketing agency.

you might have found out that Ahrefs can come up with uncomparable solutions, but is it worth the price for a non-agency or company? It perhaps doesn’t fit the bill. Keysearch reaches to those starting out and need help boosting the performance and accuracy with the skills to take advantage of its options.

Keysearch offers everything you will need in your journey. Helps you analyze competition and find keywords that are easy to rank for. A great alternative that will help you achieve great results with SEO for your business.


Link: https://www.sistrix.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: Sistrix stand out by itself. Designed to help you improve your website’s visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Simple as that. It provides an accurate report to show where your site stands right now. This report is somehow familiar to the SEO tools layout we are used to seeing in the market. 

An intuitive layout that highlights the website’s overall standing, top keywords, number of indexed pages, best URLs, and its top-performing countries. Sistrix also displays and easy to read “Visibility Index”; A proprietary and unique software bragged to be “the gold standard of SEO performance indicators.”. A line graph that gives you insight about how visible your site is to cyber-surfers over time. In simple terms, the healthier growth the graph shows (Going up from left to right) the better you are doing.

It offers a quick insight into how well you’re doing with optimization. 

and view visibility at the domain, host, directory, and URL levels. Is worth to mention that all its index data are updated daily. If you happen to have had experience with other tools, then you are aware by now that a couple of weeks are needed to see where your site stands for a specific keyword. Come especially handy when any search engine decides to twitch its algorithm, giving you a chance to adapt quickly to these changes

The SEO Module has 10 years worth of historical data-packed under the hood. That’s definitely good enough for your optimization efforts. It provides a rather rare feature within its architecture, to find examples of cannibalization; Pages, owned by you, ranking for the same keyword which derives by one absorbing traffic from the other. Use this feature to re-optimize pages that are losing traffic to other pages on your site.

The Module will also alert you to duplicate content which will avoid a greater problem with Google ranking. It also provides insights about how well your site is performing in Google News, Google Images, Google Videos, and Google Maps.


Link: https://www.serpwoo.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: Another, but not less efficient SEO tool. Serpwoo is a great solution stacked up with useful options. 

the tool provides features like a Keyword finder to show only Keyword and alternate possibilities from the top three search URLs. It performs fairly good when used to find top ranking SERPs by carefully selecting root keywords. Is an overall tool that combines a great and easily readable interface with colour oriented suggestions, keywords search volume tracker, keywords search history and percentage ratio of keyword competition 

The keyword finder feature is designed with minimal access effort by clicking the drop-down icon on the top left of the screen.


Link: http://grepwords.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords research

Description: GrepWords specializes to find keywords your competitors have no idea they even exist. This tool also offers powerful insights about keywords search volumes and other highly valuable stats. Being an API based keywords tool, there are wider freedom t its users. The UI is really good and user-oriented. The additional features that this tool offers make it versatile for different work environments.

The software comes packaged with several features worth mentioning

  • Hyper-Local Search Volume – Indeed a magnificent feature, which helps to find keywords that are geo-located. This means you can create a region oriented list of all the keywords that can be suitable
  • Weekly feature introduction – As well as new APIs for data feeding. 
  • TripAdvisor Keyword Suggestion Tool – A unique feature available within its software and a must tool for any new travel agency.
  • Ease of use –Achieves an easy to use interface and comprehensive website with a customer support team ready to take your inquiries (You must fill up an in-built form and send it). 

Plans and Pricing of this tool are quite fair and well defined. Even Though GrepWords is a different and more well-defined tool than many others, fails to offer a wider solution for its pricing. A fairly low amount of keywords for a particular amount of money can make it a little hassle for some of you, and being an API based structure, its prices are generally higher than an online-based keywords tool.

Keyword Hero

Link: https://keyword-hero.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: An impressive tool with outstanding results that promise to get rid of the dreaded ‘not provided’ information in your Google Analytics for any given website. It takes a short time to set-up. The online tool only needs access to your Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts. Is a straight forward and simple process. Keyword hero will set-up a new view within your Google Analytics account under the property you have selected.

Although the website is clearly on its first steps, is capable of finding some organic search and pack the results with phrases you won’t usually see in the normal analytics view on in the Google Search Console account.

For a fairly bigger site, this tool can be invaluable in terms of the information it is passing. Allowing for the SEO team to make sure that the site and any pages are being optimised to take advantage of the keyword driving traffic.

Keyword Hero helps you understand which keywords are driving the most of your conversions and shows who is making contact or purchasing from your website typing on google. This could then be used in a number of different areas to help improve the overall number of conversions.


Link: https://keywordkeg.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keywords analysis

Description: A free browser extension to see keyword data simultaneously when navigating on search engines like youtube or google. It specializes as a YouTube keyword tool that generates search phrases based on keywords and provides a robust amount of data about such terms. It displays a term’s search volume and Google AdWords cost per click and overall keyword precision.

A really outstanding feature will inform you which terms will be easier to own, and which have more competition.

Keyword Keg allows you to see a sample of results for free. However, if you want a full keyword analysis, you’ll need a monthly subscription. You can opt for different packages starting at $40 per month or go for an annual package (Cheaper)


Link: https://vidiq.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Youtube Keyword Research Tool

Description Being a youtube Certified partner, VidIQ provides all the assurance you need to pick a great Youtube Keyword research tool. it helps video content creators encounter the best keywords for improving searchability. 

When you research a search term, VidIQ pulls data from Youtube for any search term and provides an insightful overview of what’s is happening with it. The software provides additional useful information like recommended tags, search volumes report for past months or years, and what top-performing videos are currently displayed in SERPs.

This tool is great for helping marketers confirm whether they’re using the right keywords, explore new keyword options, and assess who they’re competing against for higher search rankings. You will need a subscription to gain access to the various options of features for video creators but at $7.50 per month, it’s pretty affordable for even small businesses on tight budgets.


Link: https://www.hypersuggest.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Description: HyperSuggest is a robust software tool for keywords that works across nine different search channels like Amazon eBay, and a special super-easy to use tool revolved around YouTube. 

By simply typing the search phrase, Hypersuggest pulls the top tags for related terms YouTube videos, providing a qualified list of search terms to include in your video title, description, tag list and transcript. The application makes it easy to see which videos are currently owning the top spots for given search terms by linking every phrase to its corresponding YouTube SERP. 

HyperSuggest will give you a rather-basic list of results for free, but to see a complete list of results, you’ll need to pay for a Pro plan. The plans prices will go around $17 per month once you include the add-on to access the YouTube search tool.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Link: https://www.keywordtooldominator.com/

Price: Paid

Type: Keyword analysis

Keyword Tool dominator comes with a strong name and a robust attitude. While it isn’t quite as mindblowing as its name would have you believe, it is a pretty easy-to-use tool for keyword research for any newbie coming to the profession.

Is a straight and easy to use interface? By typing a term into the search bar, Keyword Tool Dominator will generate a substantive list of the suggested YouTube search phrases that incorporate your term.

The software lets you pick and choose which keywords to add to a custom list and export it from the same screen. the tools seek to keep a research keyword tool and pricing model simple. The SEO Tool is free for up to three keyword searches per day. And like many other tools, to gain access to its in-depth tools you need to purchase the YouTube keyword tool for a one-time price of $69.99. Keep an eye open as many times you will find sales going on. 

Free and Paid Chrome Keyword Search Extensions :

Keyword Surfer

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keyword-surfer/bafijghppfhdpldihckdcadbcobikaca?hl=en 

Type: Free chrome extension offered by surferseo

Keyword Lookup

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keyword-lookup/lfjclpaacgomhgfkjcifjeejlbjgeokl

Type: Free chrome extension – show the monthly search volume of keywords. 

Keywords Everywhere

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keywords-everywhere-keywo/hbapdpeemoojbophdfndmlgdhppljgmp

Type: Freemium chrome extention

Seo Stack

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seostack-keyword-tool/labjajhkfjfncpiddbgdimcaldgeognn

Type: Free Chrome Extention

SEO Extention by Mangools

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seo-extension-metrics-bac/iodbnclobmalekpemjhncgfphojcgocd

Type: Paid comprehesive seo extention including comptetitor keywords analysis

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